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Orenburg Consulting Group 

Orenburg Consulting Group is a Boutique Executive Search and 
HR Consulting Firm that provides outstanding solutions for clients.

Our Executive Search Service, known as “Headhunter”, 
provides a unique and systematic approach to find talented 
candidates for our clients. We pay attention to detail in the 
selection process from pre-screening, mapping candidates, 
and candidate presentation.

Our HR Consulting Service is also a second to none in the industry. 
We commit to being a “TRUSTED ADVISOR” in providing the 
best solutions for our clients. We strive to provide the best 
candidates, the best match service, and the best solution 
for all stakeholders.


Orenburg provides 2 main types of service:

Recruitment Service:

  • Executive Search Service
  • Database Plus Search Service
  • Database Search Service
  • Project Base Recruitment
  • Campus Recruitment

Human Resource Service:

  • Work Permit & Visa
  • Outsource Contractor Service
  • Payroll Outsource Service
  • Criminal & Background Checking
  • HR Consultancy Service