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Job Title City/State Position Id Date
Sales (Servicing) Bangkok ORB18-079 2018-05-24
Employee and Labor Relations Specialists - Legal Background Others ORB18-063 2018-05-17
Factory Manager Bangkok ORB18-078 2018-05-17
Logistic Specialist Bangkok ORB18-077 2018-05-17
Production Manager – Expat only Nakhon Phanom ORB18-076 2018-05-17
Import-Export Officer - Saraburi based Saraburi ORB18-075 2018-05-17
Engine Assembly Section Manager Rayong ORB18-074 2018-05-17
Payroll Specialist (HR Service) Samut Prakan ORB18-073 2018-05-17
Quality Engine and Laboratory Manager Rayong ORB18-072 2018-05-17
Technical Project Manager Bangkok ORB18-071 2018-05-17
Research and Development (R&D) Supervisor Saraburi ORB18-069 2018-05-17
Product Development Supervisor Saraburi ORB18-068 2018-05-17
IT Support specialist Bangkok ORB18-067 2018-05-17
IT supervisor Bangkok ORB18-066 2018-05-17
Import export manager Saraburi ORB18-065 2018-05-17