Have you ever asked your boss what you need to do to earn a raise?

All of us think that we deserve a more pay, right? With slightly more than 2 months to finish 2014, employees are all looking forward to 2015 salary increments. And if you have worked for more than a year or two in the same company you have probably struggled with this same question. Finding harmony between your effort and the compensation you receive for it is an ongoing balancing act.

I was educated that if I did not ask, I surely would not get what I wanted. It's a lot like what we are told about trying, if you do not try you are guaranteed to fail. It sure sounds like the right thing to do but it does not work when it comes to this sensitive topic, because it is easy for your boss to come up with reasons why a promotion or raise does not make sense at the moment you ask.

I recently met a friend for dinner. He told me he was looking for a new job because he asked for a raise during his appraisal and his boss told him "No." The reason was ridiculous and it frustrated him. He was told that because he was a junior member of the team, the experience he was gaining was part of his compensation. Thus, it did not make sense give him a raise.

Now, imagine that instead of asking "Can I have XX% of a raise boss?" next year, he ask a few months before his appraisal "What do I need to do now to get XX% of raise for my upcoming performance review?". He would have had a very different discussion.

This totally changes the interaction from an awkward moment to a cooperative process. It takes what feels like a cold transaction and turns it into an opportunity for value exchange. Asking what you need to do to receive a raise does the following:

  • Maturely suggests that you want one without putting your supervisor on the boiling pot
  • Communicates that you are willing to do what is needed to receive one
  • Generates clear goals for you to work towards
  • Exposes areas where your boss thinks you need to improve
  • Foreshadows whether you should be looking for a new job

This type of conversation also has the added benefit of aligning you and your boss as a team. It creates a framework where you both can work together to generate organizational and personal value.

To earn more, you’ll need to do more than just a good job. You will need to be outstanding and make sure your accomplishments are in line with your bosses expectations.

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